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2565 McCarthy Mall Keller Hall Professor with students
Tutor Room, PSB 315 Computer Lab, PSB 208 Computer Lab

                        About the faculty
Faculty data
    Research interests
    See the faculty web pages for their Publications.
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    Faculty Chronology from the Department's beginning in 1954.

    J.B. Nation: 2003 Regents Medal for Excellence in Research
    Ralph Freese: 2000 Regents Medal for Excellence in Research
    George Csordas: 1985 Regents Medal for Excellence in Teaching
    Joel Weiner: 1995 Presidential Citation for Meritorious Teaching
    David Bleecker: George P'olya Award for mathematical exposition from the Mathematical Association of America
    Thomas Ramsey: 1989 Excellence in Writing Intensive Instruction, UH Manoa

Major current extramural funding
    Erik Guenter, NSF Faculty Early Career Development Award, 2004-2009
    Monique Chyba, NSF grant, 2003-2006, with the Autonomous Systems Laboratory Chyba

                        Program information
National Recognition
    The American Mathematical Society ranks our program among the 56 Group 2 departments, behind the 25 public and 23 private Group 1 departments. See AMS ranking.

    Undergraduate degrees
    Graduate degrees

    Assessment Plan

                        About our students
    Grad student photos
    Student awards
    Math majors inducted into Phi Beta Kappa 2005:
        Michael Watanabe,
        Justin Yoshimoto

                        University and public service
    System-wide mathematics initiatives
    David Stegenga is Vice President of the Board of Directors of the Honolulu Zoo Society and maintains their website.
    Tom Craven is on the Board of Directors of the Hawaii Council of Teachers of Mathematics and maintains their website.
    Tom Ramsey: Senate Executive Committee of the Manoa Faculty Senate.
    Karl Dovermann heads Talent Development Hawaii Project which provides learning opportunities for talented high school students.
    Ron Brown: Council on Program Reviews,
                Chancellor's Committee on the Liberal Arts.
    Tom Hoover: Arts and Sciences SEC,
                Symbolic Reasoning Committee.
    Marvin Ortel produced a film series on Noam Chomsky for theOsher Lifelong Learning Institute, shown in summer 2003.
    David Ross: Chair of the Faculty Senate Committee onAcademic Policy and Planning.
                Faculty Senate ad-hoc committee on UARC
    Wayne Smith: Natural Sciences Curriculum Committee.
    Joel Weiner: Foundations Board,
                Teachers Education Committee--Mathematics
    Les Wilson: Manoa Writing Committee,
                A&S Program and Curriculum Committee.
    Monique Chyba: Robo Nemo, an under water technology program for young students.     William Lampe: Manoa Faculty Senate Executive Committee.

                        Invited addresses
Fall 2003
    Chris Allday, Oberwolfach, Germany
    Monique Chyba, ENSEEIHT seminar, France
    Karl Dovermann, University of Michigan
    George Wilkens, AMS meeting, Boulder, CO
    Leslie Wilson, Marseilles, France; Sapporo, Japan

    Ed Bertram, Ischia, Italy
    Ralph Freese, ICFCA, Sydney, Australia
    Erik Guentner, CIRM, Luminy, France; AMS meeting, Athens, OH; Fudan University, Shanghai, China; Vanderbilt University; Dartmouth College
    David Ross, AMS meeting, Phoenix, AZ; International Conference M.ARI.AN., Pisa, Italy; Aveiro, Portugal
    Wayne Smith, Dublin, Ireland

    Tom Craven, Unviersity of Ljubljana
    Wayne Smith, Korea University, Seoul; Oberwolfach, Germany
    George Csordas, ISAAC Congress, Cabania, Sicily; CMFT Joensuu, Finland
    George Wilkens, AMS, Lincoln, Nebraska

    Bleeker's Mathematical animations
    Myers' precalculus tutorials: Completing the square   Checking your work   Exponents