Dovermann's Derive Videos - Getting Started

Installing the TSCC video codec
First install Techsmith's Camtasia Codec "tscc.exe" (needed to view the videos). Run this program tscc.exe . Then double-click it in Windows Explorer and follow the instructions.

Viewing the on this CD
After you have installed the video codec listed above, open a Microsoft Explorer Window, find your CD drive and click on the file: index.html

Putting the videos on your Hard Drive

If you have 200MB of space on your hard drive, you can create a new folder, say "C:\DeriveVideos".
Then copy all the files on this CD to that folder.
To view the video, open a Microsoft Explorer Window and click on the following file:

Viewing the videos
Click a chapter video.
Once you have a separate video window, you may have to adjust the placement and size to get a full screen.
If necessary, drag the bottom desktop menu down and out of sight.
You may need to go to "Skin Chooser" and select "Classic".

Karl Heinz Dovermann