Bibliography for Finite Rank Torsion Free Abelian Groups

This is not a set of references referred to in the book. Nor is it a comprehensive bibliography. But it's an attempt to indicate what I consider as the basic landmarks of the theory of finite-rank torsion free groups since about 1965.

The research before that time, laying the basic foundations of the subject, is already well documented in Fuchs, volume II. (Much of the later work is well documented in Arnold's Springer Lecture Notes. The main purpose of this list is highlighting.

There are almost no citations from the past ten or fifteen years. This is simply because of my ignorance -- I no longer make a serious attempt to keep up with the field.

If I were to have a student who wanted to seriously learn the field, these are the papers I would suggest that s/he read. They are listed in an order which I think gives a good introduction to the field.

For the moment, this list is very incomplete. I hope to augment it by fall, 1996.

May, 1996