Outreach Activities

Current Work

I am co-PI on the NSF-funded School and University Partnership for Educational Renewal in Mathematics (SUPER-M). We do lots of great stuff. Check out the webpage to find out about it. Here's a talk I gave at some of our teacher workshops.


I participate in the Hawaii Council of Teachers of Mathematics (HCTM). At their spring meeting, I gave the keynote address entitled "Euler's Elegant Equation" (slides). I also ran a workshop for middle and secondary teachers about surprising connections in mathematics.


I am working on starting The Math Teachers' Circle of Hawaii. We are part of the Math Teachers' Circle Network. If you are a middle school mathematics teacher in Hawaii and would like to participate, let me know!


My graduate student Ali Lau and I spoke to parents at the recent "Math Power for Girls + Parents" event held at Sacred Hearts Academy. Slides from my talk (Mathematics: Some Perspectives). Slides from Ali's talk (De-terrorizing Testing). Resources we gave out to the parents.



Past Activities

Before I went to graduate school, I worked for Education Development Center, Inc. (EDC), in the Center for Mathematics Education. You can download slides from a talk I sometimes give about my philosophy of K – 12 mathematics education, which was (to say the least) heavily influenced by my time at EDC.

I also designed an online course in Geometry for K – 8 teachers.


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