Math 100

MATH 100 Survey of Mathematics



that is me

Name: Pavel G


That is where you may find many things about me.

Almost all of them are irrelevant to this class.

In particular, you do not:

use the e-mail address listed on this web-page,

call the phone listed on this web-page,

come to the office listed on this page for office hours.

Closer to the point

you scroll down to "Teaching",

and click on MATH100.

You get to a syllabus of this class.

I now present this syllabus to you in some details.

General Information

Selected topics designed to acquaint nonspecialists with examples of mathematical reasoning.

The class meets Tuesdays and Thursdays,
1:30 pm - 2:45 pm at Bilger Hall 152.

my e-mail:

If I know the answer, I usually respond to e-mail messages within a day

Please do not send messages related to this class to my other e-mail addresses

Office hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays 11:30-1pm at Keller Hall, 501


Bennett, Briggs Using and Understanding Mathematics. A quantitative reasoning approach., 6th edition, Pearson

The book is absolutely unavoidable, and cannot be replaced with another textbook!

Specifically, you will need access code in order to register with Pearson and do you online homework assignments which are a substantial part of the grading scheme in this class.

As soon as you get the access code, you may use either paper or electronic version of the textbook.

Grading scheme

  • Final exam -- \(15\%\)

  • 3 midterms -- \(45\% =3 \times 15\%\)

  • Homework assignments -- \(40\%\)


Nothing else is a part of the grading scheme, in particular, neither extra credit, nor attendance.

There are absolutely no make-ups.

Final and midterms

They take place in this room, and have similar format:

multiple choice with scantron forms.

Every test is preceded by an in-class review of the material.

The midterms are not cumulative.

The final exam is also not cumulative, but knowledge and training acquired during the semester helps significantly.

The dates of the midterms and material covered by the midterms are:

The dates of the midterms and material covered by the midterms

Date Name Covers
September 26 midterm #1 Sections 3A,3B,3C,3E
October 26 midterm #2 Sections 4B, 4C, 4D
November 16 midterm #3 Sections 8A, 8B

The final test takes place on
Thursday, May 11, 12:00 -- 2:00pm.

No make-ups policy:

If a midterm is missed for a good reason, and a proper documentation is present, the score for the final test is counted for this midterm as well.


All \(13\) homework assignments are to be done online.

For every homework, there is a date it becomes available, and a due date.

The due dates are rigid.

Of course, the homework is relevant to both explanations in class, and test questions.

The homework is graded automatically:

1 question = 1 point with a total of 126.

In order to do the homework, you must sign up to MyMathLab by Pearson publishing.

Sign up to MyMathLab ... needed:

  • Course ID:


  • from the textbook:

    your access code

  • UH student ID ... please enter that when prompted without dashes

You must be both registered for this class with UH, and signed up to MyMathLab.

Technical tips: helpful youtube videos,
and several links on the syllabus.


As soon as you sign up and in to MyMathLab,

you access your homework assignments.

The homework marks on syllabus serve as reminders only.


that is \(40\%\) of your final grade,

doing the homework regularly is your key to success in this class!