MATH 649B - Nonstandard Analysis



Lecture Notes (Last updated: 1/25/16)

(Changes: Added two sections (pp21-29), slight correction on page 20)

Some (raw!) notes on Nonst'd Topology (Password: NSA)

Some (raw!) notes on Nonst'd Metric Spaces (Password: NSA) (FIXED)

Some MORE (raw!) notes on Nonst'd Metric Spaces (Password: NSA)

Notes on Measure Theory (Password: NSA)

Notes on Groups (Password: NSA)

Exercises 1. (Due Friday 29 Jan (but try to do the first 3 by Wednesday)
Exercises 2. (Due Friday 5 Feb [you can postpone the last problem to Monday if necessary])
Exercises 3. (Due Friday 19 Feb. I will be adding more problems to this assignment, so start on these sooner.)

More! Exercises 3a.

Exercises 4. (Due Monday 29 Feb. I might add more problems to this assignment.)


"2500 Years Of Very Small Numbers" (Faculty Lecture Series talk, 11/06 )

"Fun with Nonstandard Models" (Slides from my UG colloquium, 2/07)

Stroyan, Mathematical Background: Foundations of Infinitesimal Calculus

Keisler, Foundations of Infinitesimal Calculus