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Drinfeld Module Seminar

Spring 2012

Meeting Info - W 11:30-12:30pm, Keller 401

Organizer: Xander Faber

Seminar Schedule

Topic Speaker Date
Background, Motivation, and Definitions Faber January 18
Torsion, Rank, and Isogenies Faber January 25
Analytic Construction Faber February 1
Drinfeld Modules of Rank 0 and the Class Group
Faber February 8
Background on Cyclotomic Fields Hilden February 15
Carlitz Module and Cyclotomic Function Fields, I Wong February 22
Carlitz Module and Cyclotomic Function Fields, II Wong February 29
Hawai'i Conference in Algebraic Number Theory,
Arithmetic Geometry, and Modular Forms
March 7
Carlitz Module and Cyclotomic Function Fields, III Wong March 14
No lecture March 21
Spring Break March 28
Representations into SL2(R) Hilden April 4
The General Theory of Fields of Fractions Craven April 11
Factoring Polynomials over Finite Fields Faber April 18
Geometry, Topology, and Number Theory Hilden April 25
Maximal Orders and Frobenius Groups Brown May 2


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