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Math 480O: Senior Seminar

Spring 2013

Lectures - MW 1:30-2:20pm, Keller 402


Dr. Xander Faber
404 Physical Sciences Building

Office Hours

MW 10:30-11:30, or by appointment

Please read the course syllabus carefully. It contains many useful pieces of information including dates of the exams and policies for homework and grading.



Mathematics is a language: practice a little every day to become fluent.

Week Topic Special
January 7/9 Differential Calc Jan. 9: George Wilkens
The Isoperimetric Inequality
January 14/16 Integral Calc
January 23 Sequences and Series
Convergence Tests for Series
January 28/30 Vector Calc Jan.28: Sarah Rutter
Meet at Hamilton A156
February 4/6 Linear Algebra
February 11/13 Differential Equations
February 20 ... Assessment Exam 1
February 25/27 Proof by Induction Feb. 27: Lynne Wilkens
Blending of Statistics and Science
March 4/6 Direct Proof 3.6: Project Topics Due
March 11/13 Proof by Contradiction
More Proof by Contradiction
March 18/20 ... 3.18: Geometry of the Integers
3.20: Assessment Exam 2

LaTeX Assignments

  1. Due Jan. 16. It's time to learn to use LaTeX! First you need to install it on your machine.
    • For Mac OS X users, I suggest MacTeX.
    • For Windows users, I suggest MiKTeX. Click on the download tab at the top of the page.
    • For Linux users, I recommend TeX Live.
    Please email me if you have trouble with the installation, and I'll help you sort it out.

    The Not So Short Introduction to LaTeX is a very handy reference. It's worth reading Chapters 1.1-1.4 and then reading the first couple of pages of Chapter 2. Most of the math symbols you'll ever need are in Chapter 3.

    Once you have LaTeX installed on your machine, open up TeXShop (Mac), TeXWorks (Windows), or your favorite Linux text editor. Download the sample tex file, edit it where indicated, and try to compile it. (In TeXShop and TeXworks, look under the menu option "Typeset" and click on LaTeX.) Once it compiles, print it out and turn it in.
  2. Due March 20. Type up ten (10) of the homework problems and their solutions. There must be at least one problem from each assignment. Write in complete sentences. Here is a sample tex file. When you are finished, be sure that it compiles and looks correct. Add your last name to the file name and email the tex file to me by the due date.
  3. Due March 20. Wite a 1-page summary of one of the undergraduate colloquia (your choice). You may use one of the sample files from a previous assignment if you like. When you are finished, be sure that it compiles and looks correct. Add your last name to the file name and email the tex file to me by the due date.
  4. Due February 20. Use MathSciNet to look up two articles by one or more of your professors at UH. Obtain official versions of the articles either by finding them in an electronic repository, by physically locating them in the library, or by using ILL. Write a ≤ 1-page summary of the kinds of mathematics discussed in the introductions of the articles; you need not understand all of it. Include the bibliographic citations using BibTeX. To complete the assignment, email your tex and bib files to me and turn in a copy of the first two pages of each of the articles. (If you found electronic copies of the articles, you may simply email the files to me.) Here is a sample tex file and a sample bibtex file.
  5. Due one week after your presentation. Write a 3-5 page paper to accompany your presentation. It should include examples and/or details that did not fit into your presentation. Use BibTeX to include bibliographic citations for all of your reference material. Please send me the pdf file. I reserve the right to request corrections; your summary will be posted on this web page.

Presentation Schedule

Date 1:30-1:45 1:45-2:00 2:00-2:15
April 1 Paulic Anderson Ono
April 3 Walker Li Dahlin
April 8 Granger Ng Nishimoto
April 10 He Webb, D. Wang
April 15 Rosa Ishihara Mende
Date 1:30-1:45 1:45-2:00 2:00-2:15
April 17 Motoki Laus Gano
April 22 Imai Webb, T. Opremcak
April 24 Chang Tengan Bray
April 29 Johnson Miyashiro Berney
May 1 TBA -- --